We take customer privacy very seriously and guarantee never to sell, disclose or pass on your information to any third parties whatsoever.

Website tracking

Every visitor to this website is tracked for statistical purposes and data such as IP address, browser version, screen resolution and ISP hostname is collected. This information is used for analysis of webstats and is never made available to anyone outside of the company in any way, shape or form.


Cookies are used to track session information in the ordering process.

Customer testimonials

We never publish customer testimonials without seeking permission first. This will be done in the form of a personal email to ask whether we can use your comments on our website and/or promotional material. Testimonials submitted to hosting directories or other third party review websites will be assumed as safe to use without seeking permission first.

Ordering process and customer records

During the order process we require customers to supply contact details such as their name, address, email and phone number. These are for internal records only and will never be passed outside of the company. It is important that we have these details so customers can be contacted and payments verified.


All payments are processed using PayPal (www.paypal.com). We never have access to your sensitive credit card data and do not store these details. All customers are advised to check the website of the payment processor and read their privacy policy and terms.

Accurate data

It is of great importance that we have accurate contact details for customers at all times. Customers can update these details by logging into their billing control panel.


All customer information is kept in a secure database online with the necessary server protection measures in place. Records are also stored offline in physically secure conditions. We do not store credit card details in any way, shape or form.

Please note: From time to time this document may be changed. This will typically be communicated via WWW with an announcement in the online forums and/or customer control panel announcements section.