Members of the Kvaerner Pension Fund were concerned when Kvaerner plc was sold, leaving them in limbo. The Kvaerner Pension Fund Association (KPFA) was set up to act as a pressure group to provide a single point of contact when dealing with the Trustees of the Kvaerner Pension Fund, Kvaerner plc, the Pensions Regulator, Members of Parliament and other parties who could influence the situation.

Stunshot provided a simple, informative and accessible website, as well as an online newsletter registration and mailing system. Three years after going live, our client asked for more development in the form of an online forum board. They are very happy with the website.

Project Overview

  • Date: 17 September 2005
  • Client: Kvaerner Pension Fund Association
  • Link: http://www.kpfa.co.uk/
  • Category: PHP, Email Marketing

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